Completed Pieces:

Syncretism was the first piece in the portfolio to engage with the concept of video composition without the intention of creating a score. The composition of Syncretism was informed partly through my sonic interpretations and improvisations of page 35 from Cardew’s Treatise and Eisenstein’s (1949) concept of metric montage.

The original video material was first generated by choreographing and recording movements of my hand with a waltz-like feel to a strict tempo to create a loop which could then be repeated with the alterations to frame rates. Syncretism was not intended to be a score or to facilitate any sort of performative action.

My interest in engaging with non-cochlear sound and cross-modal perception occurred after the composition of Syncretism. A demonstration of Syncretism to members of the CeReNeM postgraduate community resulted in a discussion and subsequent research into cross-modal perception and non-cochlear sound.

Syncretism was composed as a gallery or exhibition projection piece of at least 72 inches. Syncretism is intentionally silent and contains flashing images.

Drafts and Workings for

The video playlist below shows a selection of the draft videos created during the composing process. These are included to provide the reader with an opportunity to view my approach to composition and demonstrate part of my working practice, if they so wish.

Please also feel free to view my handwritten notes, doodles, scribbles and workings if you wish to see how I collected and organised my thoughts.
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