Completed Pieces:

Apprentice aimed to encompass and build on the experiences gained from composing previous pieces in the portfolio into a piece for multiple hands. Étude is a trio for guitar, clarinet and piano. All hand shapes were derived from standard instrumental techniques, with a single instrument housed in a portion of the screen space throughout the piece. Specific instruments were targeted to generate disparate hand shapes and may impact on a non-cochlear sound if cross-modal perception was established.

Rhythm was created by applying simple video editing techniques to show or remove the images within a formal structure imposed onto composition prior to any arrangement. Engaging with a pre-determined form was an attempt at removing the ‘blindness of instinct’ (Merleau-Ponty, 1962, p. 90) from the act of composition. Rhythm exists in three approximately equal parts, played by each instrument in turn before cycling through each instrument. A new hand shape emerges after each cycle, tethered to one rhythmic pattern.

The videos contain flashing images. There are no sound files to accompany the videos.

Drafts and Workings for

The video playlist below shows a selection of the draft videos created during the composing process. These are included to provide the reader with an opportunity to view my approach to composition and demonstrate part of my working practice, if they so wish.

Please also feel free to view my handwritten notes, doodles, scribbles and workings if you wish to see how I collected and organised my thoughts.
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