Completed Pieces:

Portals was the only piece to be composed with the intention of the video being a score. As the video was intended to be a score for public concert it contains no sound file. The video score would accompany a performer’s live interpretation of the piece in concert, projected for the audience to create an audiovisual experience.

This page contains the original silent video score as well as a video which includes the score and a sonic interpretation in concert by Kanno. The videos contain flashing images

The video below shows the score for Portals with performance notes as a separate file. There is no sound file as the video is a score designed to elicit a musical interpretation in a live concert setting.

The video below contains the score for Portals along with Kanno’s sonic interpretation which was performed in concert at the University of Huddersfield on February 28, 2016.

Drafts and Workings for

The playlist below shows a selection of the draft videos created during the composition of Portals. The drafts have been included to offer a demonstration of my working practice.

Please also feel free to view my handwritten notes, doodles, scribbles and workings if you wish to see how I collected and organised my thoughts.
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