Completed Pieces:

Étude combined elements of video art theory, dancefilm, visual music and music into a video piece in an attempt to generate non-cochlear sound. Étude was created from only a few seconds of original video footage. Phrase and structure were generated through the repetition and development of small hand movements and micro-choreographies using video editing techniques (Brannigan, 2011). The movements of the hand were sculpted into recognisable and repeatable patterns, some of which being physically impossible for a human hand to perform without technological intervention.

Étude was composed as a projection piece for the concert hall which attempts to draw on the culturally explicit notion of a classic cinematic narrative and associations with the screen (Klein, 1990; Westgeest, 2016).

The videos contain flashing images. There are no sound files to accompany the videos.

Drafts and Workings for

The video playlist below shows a selection of the draft videos created during the composing process. These are included to provide the reader with an opportunity to view my approach to composition and demonstrate part of my working practice, if they so wish.

Please also feel free to view my handwritten notes, doodles, scribbles and workings if you wish to see how I collected and organised my thoughts.
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