Music Tuition

Since the launch of my recent exhibition in June I have had to focus on my music tuition. The Academy at which I previously taught was closed, making me redundant from the end of July, 2017.

Rather than being an obstacle, I saw this as a chance to renew myself and open my own practice. Getting the business underway and functioning has proven more difficult than I originally imagined, requiring a lot of time and energy.

I have continued to compose, with two pieces now taking shape: an audiovisual sonic art (video) piece which builds from where the MA left off; and a composition for voice/guitar/piano which engages my current thoughts on musical composition. I hope I will feel comfortable uploading at least one of these when they are completed.

Use Audacity to Improve Your Musicianship

I have created a video which shows how you can use Audacity to slow down the tempo of a track. This will make practising your instrument and learning songs that bit easier!

The video also shows how to use Audacity to change the key of a song, which can help you avoid having to alter the tuning of your stringed instrument between songs!

Online Lessons

I am pleased to now be able to offer ONLINE MUSIC LESSONS!

I am looking for some helpful and willing learners to take part in a few experiments with the technology.

What you will need:

• an instrument - limited to guitar for now, I’m afraid…
• a PC (Windows, or Mac OS) with a webcam, current tablet or mobile phone with webcam
• a microphone (many laptops now have these built in)
• a Skype account
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