Let's Get Writing!

A call for submissions has been announced by Divergence Press, the University of Huddersfield's online peer-reviewed journal for the University of Huddersfield's Centre for Research in New Music (CeReNeM)!

Divergence Press are looking for submissions to coincide with their shift towards a new journal hosting platform in Autumn 2018, and are encouraging musicians, composers and artists to submit written articles discussing their creative methods and working practices organised around the following 'threads':

  • Composition
  • Technologies
  • Performance
  • Sonic Arts & Multimedia
  • Improvisation
  • Listening & Reception
  • Audiences
  • Speculations

Although entries are to be of a high standard in terms of research and writing, the journal is actively looking for articles which 'bridge the gap between more formal academic writing and informal blog/magazine writing'.

Another exciting part of this call is that the new platform will support embedded audio and video, offering writers the opportunity to include examples of their work!

As Divergence Press is an open-access journal (which grants free access to anyone through the internet), successful submissions will likely have a wide reach to a broader general public.

This open call means there is no deadline for submission, and is a great opportunity for anyone currently seeking the chance to discuss their work through publication.

Good luck with your submission!

'Hung' Exhibition

Throughout April, ROAR have been hosting their third iteration of the Hung exhibition, where artists are invited to create and contribute pieces by hanging their work in the provided spaces around the gallery.

I saw this as a perfect chance to come up with a piece for the gallery which hosts my teaching studio as I had not yet composed anything specifically for them! I wanted to provoke the viewer into considering what a musical notation actually is, or what it could be. I created a score which provides the performer with some rather tricky decisions. Some musicians would consider this to not be a completed score, others would enjoy the freedom the score provides.

The score provides some indication of pitch, rhythm and dynamic but meter, bar line clef and instrument(s) are absent. As the score is somewhat indeterminate I have no idea what sound it would produce if played.

I have composed several indeterminate pieces in my short years as a composer, but I have not done so for some time and really enjoyed working on this short notation.

I have no idea how fast, slow or long the piece is (any time), exactly what instruments may be used, nor exactly what pitches would be revealed through performance (any place).

Any time, any place (2018) is available for download from my Compositions page.

I always welcome your input, so any questions or comments on this or anything else on the website can be addressed to musicalmrfox@gmail.com

New Composition

I have been focussed on attempting to communicate one (stubborn) idea through my recent work: I've been trying to make pieces which have a particular quality of fragility or vulnerability. I have now realised that a better work might have an implied meaning, not through a series of pieces of differing media, but by consolidating the not so different attitudes into one piece.

This is quite challenging and somewhat frustrating but I already feel as though this consolidation will allow me to communicate my intentions more effectively than two separate pieces could.

Although I'm not quite back to the starting point, I have made a lot of significant changes - I just hope they stick!

Previous Composition

I've added a Compositions section to the website!

A selection of pieces have been added along with sound and/or video files and performance notes.

Exhibition Launched

The launch of my exhibition at Access Space in Sheffield was a success!

Thank you to all who came down to see and discuss the work in person - I very much enjoyed the chance to get feedback and discuss various ideas with the group!

The two pieces from my MA portfolio, Syncretism and Apprentice, are still being exhibited at Access Space until the 15th June, 2017.

Please check out information about Access Space and the exhibition.


I am pleased to announce the first exhibition of two pieces from my MA portfolio: Syncretism and Apprentice.

Access Space in Sheffield has agreed to show these two works along with a brief discussion from myself on the opening night.

The event opens on July 1st at 5:30pm and will be shown for two weeks.

Further information about Access Space and the exhibition can be found here.
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